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CGX Service GmbH


Welcome at the homepage of CGX Service GmbH
We are your roll-converting and logistics partner with an eye for details

...and the passion for service

Our Services

Roll Converting CGX Service GmbH


We offer you speed, quality and know-how for your roll material. Let us assemble your product directly to your order. In doing so we focus on quality made in Germany.

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Order Handling

Customer satisfaction begins with reliability. We take care of your customers' satisfaction from the order to the proof of success. 


Logistics Experts

Logistic EXPERTS

We take care of your logistics process. Developed for you according to your specifications, accurate to the i-point or with customer-specific workflow. Test our speed.

CGX Service GmbH - Premium Packaging


Roll conversion - logistics + packaging service - special solutions For us, this begins with the highest quality packaging and its handling. We look forward to  convince you of our passion for service.

We are your roll-converting and logistics partner with an eye for details and a passion for service"

As the interface between manufacturer/importer and end customer, we are your ultra-modern service provider who will assist you with rapid order processing and transparent reporting for many tasks relating to the production of your ready-made rolls, packaging and control, right through to the smooth import and export of your goods. Let us convince you of our service. 


From professionals for professionals

We discovered our passion for service when we set out to find the premium service partner for our logistics needs.
We did not find one and used this knowledge to implement our high standards ourselves in the construction of our converting Centre. We want to make this gain in trust and reliability towards our own customers available to you. To this end, we have set up a highly motivated team of specialists who are eager to meet and exceed your high expectations.

Our Values

Our greatest motivation is to create satisfaction on all sides. In every successful business, the satisfaction of all parties involved counts. We achieve this through transparency, motivation and enthusiasm for quality. We achieve these self-defined goals with satisfied employees and communication at eye level. We treat your customers with the best possible service, listen to you and implement your wishes 1:1. You should be able to rely on our expertise and feel a measurable benefit from our services. Every day we are getting a little bit better for you and us.

- Your CGX Service Team.

CGX Service GmbH



We focus on speed and quality. Our team of well-trained, logistics experts and highly motivated packaging specialists is ready to meet your customer requirements.

As soon as you place your order with us, we record the customer data, start production or packaging and inquire about your transport costs with our forwarding agents, select the best forwarding agent for your destination country and inform you and your customer of the delivery window. Within an hour you will have your offer, by the morning your material is on its way and the goods issue is reported to you. Ready for the next sprint... Test us.

Roll / Converting

We are convinced that you should as well benefit from direct conversion of your products, directly in Germany. No more surprises regarding the quality of the reels from the country of origin, but order-specific production with simultaneous quality control. No months of import processes, but rapid contract converting. Performance that convinces you and your customers.

Our ultra-modern systems can be adapted to your needs in a variety of ways. Roll to roll conversion, cutting to size, versatile liner changes, laser-precise winding alignment and profiling of your Preload specifications.

Your material can be rolled? We can process it.
We look forward to your challenge and will exceed your expectations. Send us your product sample and we will create a converting concept for you. From import, through storage, to the tailored consumer roll in premium cardboard packaging already tomorrow at your customer's site.

PREMIUM / Packaging

Where haptics and safety become quality

If you put a lot of innovation and passion into the development of your product, you also want the packaging to be well thought out. We have therefore decided not to make any compromises and have put together a range of high-quality cardboard packaging and accompanying products. So that your product is not only safe, but also arouses the enthusiasm of your customers down to the last detail. We are prepared to meet your requirements, from the haptic of the cardboard packaging, to the environmental compatibility, right through to the appropriate label print.
You already have the optimal product packaging? No problem! We strictly adhere to your specifications and do not shy away from any quality benchmark.

Logistics / Experts

Your goods? Already on tour!

We get your goods rolling.
Our employees are highly trained to organise your goods imports and exports efficiently and cost-effectively. We are always transparent and cost-efficient. We compare for each shipment exactly as ordered and obtain at least 3 daily prices for you. In addition, we solve your customs questions and, if requested, we prepare your im-export documents. Take advantage of our know-how to still 

Let's start up!

You have now got to know us and we think it is time to take the first step together on the way to more service, more quality, more customer satisfaction and more business. We are looking forward to implementing your vision for you.

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